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Announcing the NAPT 2019 National Proton Conference
Call for Abstracts and Presentation Summaries


The 2019 NAPT conference planning committee welcomes presentations and abstracts for oral presentations and panel discussions for the conference.   If you are interested in presenting, please prepare a presentation summary/abstract in the form described in the Guidelines of submission of presentation summary/abstracts below and send it to no later than September 7, 2018.  Presentations can be in the form of an individual presentation or a panel discussion (from 2-5 presenters).

If you have ideas for a presentation, but for whatever reason would rather not present on your own, please submit your ideas and indicate that you would rather not personally present.  Suggestions for presenters in that situation would be appreciated.  Likewise, if you have ideas for a panel discussion, but have not identified all the panel members, please submit the summary/abstract and indicate which panel members have not been identified.

Topics of particular interest include the following:

  •  Proton Therapy Insurance Coverage & Reimbursement
  • Denials & Appeals
    • Managing expectations between patients and doctors through insurance denials
  • LCDs/Medical Guidelines/Policies/Assessments
  • Innovative Coverage Models
  • Alternative Payment Models
  • Commercial Insurer / Radiation Oncology Benefit Manager Relations
  • Improving Access to Care for Patients
  • Clinical & Business Operations Challenges & Best Practices
  • Proton Therapy Center Staffing – Clinical & Business
    • Staff advancement and development issues
  • Clinical Research Updates / Publications
  • Marketing and Public Relations for Proton Therapy Centers
  • Proton Therapy Government Relations
  • Proton Therapy International Developments
  • Proton Therapy Technology – Advancements & Maintenance
  • Emergency Preparedness and Handling Machine Downtime
  • Developing a New Proton Center
  • Funding Solutions for Proton Therapy Centers
  • Future of Proton Therapy

NAPT is open to submissions of topics beyond those included above


Guidelines for submission of presentations/abstracts

Presentations and/or abstracts should be sent in Word, PowerPoint or PDF format to Cassidy Dowling at

When submitting your abstract, the following information must be included for consideration:

  1. Title of the presentation
  2. Presentation / Abstract summary (300 to 1500 words)
  3. Focus of the presentation/abstract
  4. Objectives of the presentation/abstract
  5. Outline of the presentation/abstract
  6. Any supporting references
  7. Curriculum vitae / Resume for each presenter


General Information for Presentations

  • Presentations will be accepted in time slots of either 30 or 60 minutes. Some presentations may be combined for a panel discussion.
  • Abstract due date is Friday, September 7, 2018
  • Presenters will be notified by October 31st if their presentation abstract has been selected
  • Presenters assume all costs related to travel, accommodations and other expenses related to their presentation
  • A conflict of interest form and speaker agreement must be completed upon acceptance of abstract
  • Questions directed to
  • Click here to download these guidelines



NAPT 2019 is accepting abstracts for presentations now through September 7, 2018. Visit the Program page for details!